If you and a group of your friends or family are looking to get in shape and tone up for your holiday, sporting event or just in general, let’s discuss your goals and what I can do to help you reach them!

Tailored Group Personal Training Services in Solihull and Birmingham


My experience and knowledge of group personal training workouts has allowed me the ability to tailor and fine-tune the group fitness training services that I provide, so whether you and your group are planning to get fit for an upcoming holiday, or you’re entering certain sports events, I can provide you with the optimal group training services for your situation and goals.

Benefits of Nutritionists Training Include:

  • Cost Effective
  • Specific Training, Targeted at a Particular Body Part for an Upcoming Event/Holiday
  • Varied Workouts with Progression, to Prevent Plateau and Boredom
  • Sharing the Workout Enhances the Experiences for Participants
  • Group Sessions with Friends or Colleagues can Provide Additional Support and Encouragement
  • Like with All Training, Results can Easily be Obtained When the Programme is Adhered To
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Benefits of Nutritionists Training Include:

“Fitness is Fun with Friends & Family”

“Fitness is Fun with Friends & Family”
Paul Hayes

Steve is so full of knowledge. I am on a weight loss muscle tone program with Steve at the moment. He will you work hard, but that is the whole point if you want to achieve your goals. Steve will help you every step of the way and goes above and beyond to help you.

- Paul Hayes

Robert Stoubos

Steve really put my through my paces. Great value service, Steve is friendly, personable and dedicated to helping me improve my strength and conditioning. I'd recommend Steve to anyone.

- Robert Stoubos

Jemma Richards

Vincey listens to what I want to achieve, reigns me in when I'm being scatty and need to focus, and gives me a bit of banter whilst training too. He's an excellent motivator and has prescribed me with classic resistance training to fit around all the cardio classes I do... he keeps me on track.

- Jemma Richards

Jack Tedcastle

Steve knows what he's talking about and pushes you hard, but you feel great afterwards. Noticed improvement and changes incrementally after every session which is really motivating and Steve keeps you honest and on track.

- Jack Tedcastle


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