I have helped many people achieve their goals and I get genuine satisfaction in seeing people feel healthier, fitter and confident in achieving their goals and desires.
View just some of the results achieved for my clients below.

Khadra Dunnage
12-Week Body Transformation

My client Khadra is a 24-year-old who completed the 12-week body transformation.

Khadra had a baby 18 months ago and was ready into get back to training and improve her appearance.

Doing 3 training sessions week, the focus on reducing body fat but also looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of her overall body shape.

We focused on improving her nutritional intake, making sure we kept up a high volume of weight training to target all big muscles groups to improve her muscle density and appearance as well as helping get stronger and feel fitter.

The pictures you see show the transformation over the 12 weeks of her training programme. As you can see there was a very noticeable change. We continue to set new goals in order to challenge her body as well helping her improving in all aspects of her training.

“Steve will help you every step of the way and goes above and beyond to help you."

“Steve will help you every step of the way and goes above and beyond to help you.
Before and After Side View Image of Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes
Lost body fat and gained lean muscle

My client Paul is a 48 year old who’s goal was to lose weight, get leaner, fitter and stronger.

The first thing we looked at analysed was his diet and overall eating habits throughout the week.  Once we planned out his nutritional intake, we then turned our attention to looking at his training within the time frame and weekly schedule we had to work with.

We focused on helping him to lose body fat but put on lean muscle at the same time through a combination of weight training. This gave him an overall aesthetically better look to his physique.

As you can see from the before and after photo, in only four weeks we were able to achieve some positive results. Paul is continuing to have training with me, and we are continuing to refine sets of new goals so Paul can continue to progress and achieve even more fantastic results.

Tailored Personal Training Services in Solihull and Birmingham

My years of personal training education and experience have given me the ability to optimise the training that I provide for each individual in order for it to be most efficient for that person.

If you choose to undertake my fitness training or health and nutrition coaching, I will provide you with the most optimal workouts and diets so that you can reach your goals as soon as possible.

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Tailored Personal Training  Services in Solihull and Birmingham
Tailored Personal Training  Services in Solihull and Birmingham


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